The art of wood fossil wash basins is still very rich. Many people are worried whether they will be durable? Need routine maintenance for the fossil sink?

The petrified wood sinks are not frangible easily. Although its material has passed through a long time, it is a wood left by the Jurassic 150 million years ago. After geological changes, magma eruption, mudslides, etc. In the end, the quality is still guaranteed.

Wood fossils have extremely high aesthetic value. The beauty of wood fossils lies in its shape resembling wood, not wood, and jade but not jade; its color is colorful, its weather is immense; its quality is colorful, its hands are moist; its nature is generous and tough, and its quality is quiet. Wood fossils do not need to do too much maintenance, the daily aquaculture is just a simple rinse with water. Then wipe it with a cotton cloth.

As hand crafted works of art made from natural stone, each sink will have its own unique coloring and finish and will not be exactly as shown in the pictures

In this petrified wooden sink you can see that the wood natural log is rustic and unique. One of a kind sink.

Although it is known as petrified wood and was indeed natural wood at one stage, it is now stone For thousands of years, all the organic components of the wood have been fossilized with minerals that hold, but have effectively transformed the composition of the wood into stone.

Polished interior bowl, Designed for simple above counter/vessel installation Polished, smooth stone interior and natural, rough wood exterior, Hand crafted by skilled artisans

Avur hole diameter 4.5 cm inside, 6.5 cm outside

Material :
Fossil Wood | Petrified